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Radeon 6850 to 6870 with BIOS flash

I did a quick search, but didn't find it.

There was an article about flashing the BIOS on a Radeon 6850 card, to get it the 6870 specs: 775MHz to 900MHz Core, and 1000MHz to 1100MHz Memory speeds stock? I know I can OC in CCC, but to what?

Where is the article?

What are the spec differences?

Any recommendations.

I wanna get a XFX HD-685X-ZFDC Radeon HD 6850....the 2 fan model (I read the single fan model is loud!). Same price (after rebates) as this Sapphire model, but XFX has a double lifetime warranty.


BTW: I already ordered the XFX model above. Should arrive by Saturday.
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  1. Are you sure it was those cards? I know you can do it with launch 6950s to 6970s, but I haven't heard anything about 68xx. I wouldn't do it in bios with those because if the card can't do those speeds you'll have issues.
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    the cards your thinking of are 6950 and 6970. the 6850 can be bios flashed to 6870 but it doesnt unlock any shaders, just increases clock rates and maybe voltage depending on the model.
  3. My Bad, darn it. I still may try the link from

    Thanks guys!
  4. Just overclock the HD6850. There's no real reason to BIOS flash.
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