Motherboard may be DOA

Hi i just recently bought a brand new Asus P8H61-MX with a new Intel G630 2.7 dual core 1155 cpu and 4gb Corsair ddr3 ram this week so after installing the new board and attaching the cpu , cooler & fan and attaching every cable to the board the computer will just turn on and off three times in a row but if i unhook my hdd it would boot up fine but will not post boot because i don;t see a display on my monitor any ideas? Thanks :)
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  1. Any help thanks.
  2. did your case/mobo come with a small speaker
  3. yes but no beeps and i don't see any lights on the front of the pc only the power button seems to work and i have the front panel connecters connected correctly according to the manual.
  4. your mobo may be dead btw what psu do you have
  5. Macron 460w
  6. what psu brand is that i have never heard of it it may be that your psu shorted out your mobo
  7. If the psu was bad the motherboard board won't boot right?
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