What should I buy? AMD Phenom 2 1090T or AMD 6870

I am currently looking for an upgrade, but I can only afford one of them right now. I am currently running an AMD x2 athlon 5000+ brisbane @ 3.12ghz and ati 5670 512mb ddr2-800 and gigabyte 780g mobo. I am upgrading for BF3
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  1. If you spend £20-30 more you can get a 955 BE(Phenom 2 X4) and a 6770.
  2. One or the other is still going to leave a bottleneck for BF3 so both would be recommended but the CPU first and the X4 is a good idea.
  3. Agree get 955BE and Recomend for BF3 is HD6950
  4. Be aware that you will have to upgrade your motherboard. the Athlon x2 5000+ is a 65 watt AM2 socket part with DDR2 memory while the Phenoms are socket AM3 and DDR3 memory.

    According to this:

    If you got the 95 Watt 955, it would work with your motherboard if you have the correct BIOS version, F11 and above..
  5. AM3 CPU's have both a DDR2 and DDR3 memory controllers, check your motherboard for compatibility prior to purchase. http://www.gigabyte.us/products/list.aspx?s=42&jid=9&p=2&v=3
  6. cpu first, the 5670 can just handle bf3 at low settings at 1080p, i had one :)
  7. My motherboard supports AM3 socket cpus and how about the phenom 2 x4 965 BE? Also, if I do get the 6770, what settings do you believe i'll be able to play bf3 my screen has a 1680x1050 resolution.

    Also, I am wondering will the phenom 2 x4 be future proof for about 3-4 years compared to 1090T.
  8. I forgot to add I am planning to overclock whichever cpu I get, is my xigmatex HDT-S1284F heatsink enough to sufficently keep the cpu temp stable. Also, my case is a antec 900.
  9. your current cpu is already bottlenecking your current video card. if you get a 6870 you will hardly notice any FPS increase due to your slow CPU, you will have miserable playability. CPU upgrade first. Gat the 955BE as others have suggested. It will not likely be futureproof for 4 years, but if you have survived with your 5000+ up tiill now, it may be good enough for you.
  10. +1 for the 955, unless the price difference to a 965 is insignificant. They'll OC to about the same ceiling.
  11. Save up until you can buy both the CPU and the GPU you want. While you're saving the prices will also come down and new, better products will be released.
  12. Another +1 for the 955BE but as stated you really need the GPU as well
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