Is this the best $350 gaming build i can get

is this the best gaming build for $350 i can get ..
CPU: phenom II X4 2.8 ghz $70 new
graphic card: GTX 460 SE fermi 1gb (((mafia2 & just case2))) bundle $130 new
RAM: ddr3 2GB kingstone $20 new
hard drive: 250GB 8MB cache $28 new
drive: dvd-cdrw sohc $10 new
case: Enlight-PC-Gaming $20
power supply: Logisys 550W high quality Dual Fan Switching $20 new
motherboard: biostar A770E3 AM3 $52 new

and some extra stuff from my old PC like RAM and LG DVD driver..
am going to use this rig for MW3 and dirt 3 and assassin's creed 3 :bounce:
and is every thing is compatible
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    Faster processor and better mobo for $20 more if you buy the combo.
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  3. It's best if you can make sure your old ram and the new stuff is identical. If you can't get the same brand and such, then at least make sure they have the same speeds, timings, and voltages. Also you'll want to run an even number of RAM sticks (2 or 4) so that you can take advantage of dual channel memory.

    Also the 460 SE isn't very good compared to the regular versions (460 768mb and 1gb). But it's not terrible either.

    If anything though I'd be worried about a $20 PSU. That's really asking for trouble. Bad PSU = burnt out computer and you're out all that money. Better to buy something decent like a Corsair or Antec.
  4. i know that SE version of the gtx 460 isn't good as the regular version but thats what i found for $130 !!
    +the Logysis psu is a high quality as they said.
    -funny how is people keep recommend any one that show them hes build what ever the PC was strong :sol:
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