Failed M2N78 Viola motherboard. Need help finding replacement

Motherboard came from HP m8530f that stopped booting up. Power supply still showing green light but no sounds made when trying to start. After doing some research, I've come to the point where I'm suspecting a bad mono. Looks like this particular board has had lots of problems so now looking to replace. I somewhat know what I'm looking at but still need to have some help.

Since I have a AM2 plus DDR2 board it looks like slim picking. Could I go with a newer released motherboard as long as its a mATX board?

Just looking for a frank answer. If I'm looking at spending $$$ just to replace it with the same quality/level of performance, should I just save up more for a new computer?

Thanks in advance
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  1. With a new board, you'll need a new windows coa; I suggest you search craigslist for a good used system and pull out your old hardrive. You can sell the leftover stuff or save for spare parts. Computer prices aren't good in the summer. Thanksgiving through January is the time to buy. I've seen used dell and compaq systems for $50 frequently with dual core cpus; for $75-90, you may get 2 gb of ram, enough for windows 7.
  2. I don't mind about replacing windows, or spending $150 ish to get another motherboard/cpu. I use this computer for gaming so I kinda want something that will do the job better than the OEM board im having to replace.

    As long as I find a cpu/mono that is compatible (and by ddr3 ram) will this work?
  3. Yes, but I suggest you measure the board dimensions carefully before ordering. I remember my old compaq has a hardrive cage that buts up against the board, so I chose a small biostar board for replacement.
  4. The Viola-GL8E motherboard in the HP Pavilion Media Center m8530f is the standard Micro-ATX form factor 24.4 cm (9.6 inches) x 24.4 cm (9.6 inches). There's no deviation from the standard Micro-ATX dimensions.

  5. most time it not the mb but you lose a leg on the power supply. you cant tell unless you green wire and use a volt meter or have the ps load tested with a ps tester. places like micro center walkin support should have one that you can test your ps. if not see if a firend has a spare one you can use.
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