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I'm trying to reset my cisco AP from it's lightweight to autonomous but the cisco website requires that I have my account activated as a cisco customer, reseller or certified, yet I am none of those.

Any help will be appreciated as the AP need a controller that they don't have from factory setting.

Model: AIR-LAP1131G-A-K9
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  1. I'm afraid that Cisco are pretty useless when dealing with consumers -- I waded through pages of stuff to find a driver for a wireless card but the software was completely incomprehensible in use. Threw the card away and bought Netgear.

    However, at that time it seemed quite feasible to ignore all the stuff on the site warning that one might be charged. If you can get into the site at all you may find what you want.

    Meanwhile look for a reset button on the device (often below a pinhole).
  2. Thanks Fihart.

    I spoke to a Cisco Certified friend that provided the file, the new problem is that the Access Point won't load the file, it sees it, recognizes it but it simply won't load it. I see through the tftp server that it's opening the file but it never goes over 0% before it opens it again.

    Sadly these AP have no reset button just mode which is what I use to load the new firmware.
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