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Alienware RAM mixed with ASUS RAM??

Hi everyone!

I got an interesting question and i dont know to much about laptops so here it is...

My Girlfriend has an Alienware mx14 R2 laptop with 6Gb of RAM which now needs more Gb's" class="img lazy">

The laptop i own is an ASUS G75VW with 16Gb RAM" class="img lazy"> and appers to be the same specs as the Alienware, so can i swap out a pair or (add a stick)
of my RAM to her Laptop for an "upgrade" and have no issues?

Thanks for any help in advance!!!!! Sorry the image quality is crap :\
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    Usually that works but it's not guaranteed. For best performance and reliability you want to keep the channels balanced which means 2 sticks of the same type and capacity
  2. You won't have "no issues," you'd unbalance the channels in your computer, bringing you out of dual channel mode and cutting your memory bandwidth in half (which can have a notable performance impact) and probably also bring the other computer out of dual channel mode when you add the ram. What does she need more than 6gb for?
  3. Yes you need to do x + x not x + y
  4. Her laptop is missed up already as it has 6GB, but one of the sticks is 4GB -- so there should have another with 2GB, or other 2 with 1GB each -- that´s not good, tough should work.

    As advised by all above it isnt a good idea to mix ram, and as ram are so cheap these days it worth to buy a new kit, but then it is my opinion.
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone,

    she's playing some more intense games, also multi-tasking and its eatin up the RAM. I'm figuring its best to buy a pair of RAM....instead of performing a quick swap solution
    (just to be safe)? or should i try it? I'm pretty torn on what to do.

    I'm just wondering though for future information for myself, what could be the worst thing to happen??? BSOD? or could it fry some of the internal parts of the computer?

    Thank you again for all the help!
  6. You're not going to fry anything, it will probably work if they're the same speed but you'll be affecting the performance of your computer. You should just buy her a performance 2x4gb kit, or 1 4gb module that matches the one already in the computer.
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  8. hey guys just updating,

    i went ahead and sawped out her 4gb and 2gb stick with a pair of my 4gbs and everything is working cherries :D!

    thanks for all the replies and help
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