Most keys on keyboard diagonally not working on dell inspiron 1720 laptop

Most keys on my Dell inspiron 1720 keyboard have stopped working. The ones that do work are diagonal pair like ty gh bn space bar and the diagonal from -=
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  1. Hi,

    Well seems your keyboard is dead..(Or is about to die.)
    But at $6.98 for a new one i wouldn't bother too much ;) .
  2. Well lugging a keyboard around isn't all that, i understand.
    But it's probably cheaper than getting a new one put in... Maybe you could install it yourself?
    Do you have a spare keyboard around? You should probably try hooking that up to see if the problem IS in the laptop keyboard,
    or that it's something else.

    Are you on the move alot?
  3. its either going to die or you have some moisture between the rubber film and the keys taht make contact to type a word on your monitor.
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