I5-2500K Upgradable Budget Build[United Kingdom][~450GBP]

Approximate Purchase Date: 1-2 Weeks

Budget Range: Around 450 British Pounds

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Surfing, Watching Videos, Etc.

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Aria.co.uk,Overclockers.co.uk,Novatech.co.uk,Scan.co.uk

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Parts Preferences: by brand or type i5-2500K and Z68 Mobo as I plan on using the HD 3000 for a while.

Overclocking: Yes.

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe later on.

Monitor Resolution: 1024x768, 1280x1024

Additional Comments: I plan on buying a GPU in a few months.


Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Midi Tower - £29.84

Intel Core i5-2500k Socket 1155 - £164.54

Dual Channel 4GB DDR3 Mushkin RAM @ 1333Mhz - £25.99

500GB Samsung Spinpoint F3 7200RPMHDD - £29.98

XFX Core Edition 450W 80Plus Bronze PSU - £36.95

Sony Optical DVD Writer 24X OEM - £14.93

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OEM - £71.99

Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3 Intel Z68 (Rev B3) - £85.99

Total Price : £460.12

Any changes that could be made to this to make it cheaper or better are appreciated.
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  1. For another £16 you can get the Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H which has x8/x8 SLI support. Youre definitely not going to want to SLI on that board you chose. Also, i don't know what graphics card you plan on buying but unless it's an extremely low power one i think youre going to need a bigger PSU. For example, i'd recommend a card like a GTX 560Ti. For that id say youre going to want around 550-600W because youre overclocking too. Lastly, this may just be a personal thing but when i build a PC, especially a mid-high end one like this, i like to buy a decent case. It just makes it more satisfying. I'm not saying there is something wrong with that one but youre going to get better cooling and more good features out of something like an Antec 300 or HAF 912.

    P.S. Corsair XMS3 RAM is like 30p cheaper than that Mushkin, probably better quality too.
  2. Sorry to double post but i just realised that on such a low resolution, SLI is completely unnecessary. It will save you a bit of cash to not gear up for it too. Maybe go for the cheaper Gigabyte Z68 mobo because i don't think youre going to need HDMI input to the mobo, youre going to have it on your GPU surely. That way you can save the cash to get a slightly more powerful PSU and maybe a better case
  3. I won't need a better Mobo, as the X4 bottleneck is hardly much(*% on a GTX 470, that's <6Fps @ 60Fps), and the card I will be getting is far from that performance level.

    The GPU I will be getting is the HD 6850/GTX 460, and I know the PSU will be able to handle it as I made a thread about it earlier.

    Good point on the case, but those are out of my budget, I was thinking of getting the Antec 100 though.

    The Corsiar XMS3 may be cheaper, but it is also a 1.65V DIMM, where as the Mushkin is 1.5V.

    After reading second post -

    The monitor will be upgraded to a 1080p monitor when I upgrade the GPU.

    EDIT Again, the cheaper Z68 Mobo has NO video output whatsoever.
  4. 5-6fps for £16 seems pretty worthwhile to me, point taken though. Doesn't seem like it's worth you doing SLI anyway to be honest because you'd have to buy a new PSU too.

    I have had another thought though, this PC seems purely for gaming so getting an i3 and something like GTX 560 would give you better performance in games and you could get a better case. Fair enough if you want to get the i5 but just a thought.
  5. Hm, I was originally planning on getting a Phenom II 955 and GTX 460 1GB with an AM3+ Mobo, but I think the i5-2500K would really improve fps if I waited a few months to get the GPU.
  6. That's up to you, it's higher performance in the short term and you still have upgrade options. Also, an i3-2100 is better than a Phenom in games.
  7. Seems like you have already made up your mind about what pc you are buying, if you only want approval, then I do approve, just the ram I would agree with jmsellars, I would also rather go for the Corsair ram (dominator/vengance) DDR3 kits

    I have only had positive experiences with the Corsair ram - price/performance wise.
  8. Yeah i dont want to come across the wrong way, your build is good i'm just putting across some ideas/input.
  9. Nah it's OK, criticism is good, now I have a big decision to make =/
  10. Personally i would only get the i5 if i had the cash for a x8/x8 SLI board and a 750W PSU, so you could run GTX 460 SLI in future to make maximum use of that CPU in games. Since you can't afford that though, and because SLI isn't very recommended in x16/x4, i would get an i3 and a stronger single GPU. Doesn't seem like theres a lot of point in getting an i5 if youre not going to make full use of it.

    Don't let me talk you out of it if you want it though, if you want it just get it. This is just what i would do.

    EDIT: The i3-2100 is better than you might think, it beats quad core phenom II's in games and they beat most core 2 quads in games.
  11. Sorry for the double post but just realised you want to overclock, overclocking is not possible on a Sandy Bridge i3. It would mean you could save money and get a H61 motherboard but you may prefer to just get another CPU.
  12. Whoa whoa whoa.

    Not to be rude or anything, but I already know most of what you told me especially about the i3 and SnB Overclocking, all details in the main post (Oc'ing CF/Sli) are just for that build, and I know the i3 is better than the Phenom, but the reason I want to go for then Phenom is, well, I don't really know, mainly because it is cheaper and allows me to get a better GPU (Gainward GeForce GTX 460 GS-GLH 1GB) rather than a stock Palit GTX 460 768mb.I also plan on upgrading to FX later on.
  13. Ok sorry i didn't mean any offense. I think youre set now anyway, good luck with the build!
  14. Thanks for all your help.
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