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I need to know which one is better, i3 with NVIDIA® GeForce® 410M graphics card and 512 mb dedicated memory for that OR i5 with just Intel® HD Graphics 3000??
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  1. I'd personally get the i3 + 410. Should be able to handle the majority of games.
  2. If you check this list I would say go with the I5, they are showing similar results the 410M has never been considered a gaming card http://www.notebookcheck.net/Computer-Games-on-Laptop-Graphic-Cards.13849.0.html
  3. better for what purpose, the HD300 is more than adequate for windows and very light gaming, and uses less power than the 410, which would also be adequate for light gaming.

    Battery life i'd go with the HD3000. Gaming, neither.
  4. if youre not a heavy gamer (bf3 crysis) then the i5 is by far the better choice, performance wise the two graphics chips are similar but nvidia has better drivers. overall id say go with the i5
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