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First of all, sorry for my bad english.
And maybe this isnt the right category?

I have a Giada n50 htpc that i installed extra ram (exchanged - one slot)
Windows says 4gb (1.99 usuable).

In the resource monitor it says that 2059mb is hardware reserved.
How can i fix this? Tried uncheck maximun memory in msconfig..
And the bios doesnt have any setting at all..

Please help..

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  1. crillcrill said:
    I have a Giada n50 htpc that i installed extra ram (exchanged - one slot)
    Windows says 4gb (1.99 usuable).

    ref: Mini PC Giada N50 - http://www.giadatech.com/index.php?app=product&act=show&id=45
    2G DDR3-800 (1 x SO-DIMM slot, Max. 4G)

    First, since there's only (1) slot the memory is working. Next, on a 32-bit OS the maximum usable is going to be 3.0GB~3.5GB. So I would boot into the BIOS and look and see how much RAM is being shared to the GPU in addition to the spec: (512MB VRAM on board).

    I looked at the manual an it's useless. The best assumption is a 'shared' amount of RAM somewhere listed in the BIOS.
  2. Thanks for the reply but cant find anything about memory, shared or ram in the BIOS, only boot setting and the usuall stuff =/
  3. Well we're kind of stuck. IF possible try to Clear the CMOS (Jumper, Reset button, short the CMOS battery terminals) ; see - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdHH9KrceR0
  4. I will try that, thanks!
  5. Do you have 32-bit or 64-bit Windows?
  6. its a 32bit win7, i know i wont be able to use all 4gb but should be more now than before when i only had a 2gb stick
  7. It sounds to me like there's an issue with the motherboard only detecting HALF of the RAM you installed, not an actual software issue with Windows.

    Contact the company that sold you the computer about this issue.

    Perhaps the issue is:
    1) a BIOS update is needed (to recognize your RAM properly), or
    2) your BIOS needs a setting changed to support 4GB.

    I downloaded your "Manual" but it was useless so I can't really help further.

    ***READ THIS***
    If you run Memtest and it shows all 4GB of memory then you have an issue with WINDOWS.

    If you run Memtest and it shows only 2GB of memory then you have a BIOS conflict with your RAM.

    2GB = 2048MB
    4GB = 4096MB

    (Note: The video card probably shares your RAM. If so, the total in Memtest may reflect 512MB less than the above total. So you might only see about 1536MB or 3584MB)

    ( www.memtest.org ) If booting to disc doesn't work, you may need to change the BOOT ORDER in the BIOS so the CD/DVD or USB (for USB sticks) boot order is before the hard drive.
  8. running memtest right know, and it says memory: 4085mb..
  9. Found a solution! :bounce:


    Works perfekt know with 4!! gb in win 32bit.

    Didnt belive it first, but damn its much faster know!

    Thanks for all your help!
  10. For future reference, never get a 32-bit Operating System.

    I have absolutely no idea why Windows 8 is going to offer it. Nobody wants it. Microsoft has to maitain it and computer makers are all going 64-bit for the sake of Memory support and other reasons.
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