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I just bought a USB Logitech Quickcam Express. I downloaded and installed the latest software/driver stuff from Logitech's site. Yet the frame rate is a paltry maximum 2 or 3 per second. As you can guess, I'm pretty disgusted. My machine is 448Mhz AMD K26, FIC PA-2013 Mobo, Viper V770, 196meg, S90 sound card, and other peripherals. Is that frame rate typical? Or is it likely there's something wrong with that particular camera? Honestly, I don't understand why the frame rate isn't more like 20 or 30 per second; it's not like the resolution is top notch or anything. Any suggestions?
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  1. Webcams aren't really designed for full broadcast
    standards (30 fps), they're more for quick snapshots
    and under-baked vidconferencing. Add to it USB's specs
    are for 12 megabits/sec and I find you've got a great
    gimmick toy for the christmas list for someone who's
    wowwed by the fact they can see themselves realtime
    on screen.
  2. What resolution are you at? I have a Diamond Multimedia Video Crunch It 1001 PCI Card with a conference camera, and can't get decent frame rates over 320X240.

    You never will get 30fps. I think I level around 15 to 20.
    With USB, I think 10fps as top notch is a reality.
  3. What is the slowest part of the whole system? Try using a cable modem, that might make a large difference.
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