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:pt1cable: Hi, i wanna know if i can crossfire 2 5770's on a mb with the second pci-express slot being 4x. And if its worth it, or if the x4 will limit the second card.

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  1. dont think so, get a new mobo, x4 simply aint enough
  2. Hey,
    The 4X will reduce the scaling from the second card, but not so much that I wouldn't add it. There are a fair number of articles(some of them here) in regards to the diffrence from 4X, 8X, and 16X. I'm often surpised by how small the diffrence is between them. 2 5770's are a cheep way to get great performance, I just replaced mine with a single card solution, but I was very happy with the performance I was getting.
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