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I am buying a new motherboard, CPU and RAM for a gaming pc. I am thinking ivy bridge on the cpu but I'm not as sure about which mother board i should go with. I do not intend to SLI and my spending cap is around 400$. Some help on picking a motherboard and even a cpu would be appreciated. Note my Relatively low tech lvl
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    In spite of some reviewers, I like biostar, and if you bug them and fill out the rebate forms correctly, they will eventually send you the rebate, but it takes 12 weeks. For $30 extra, you can get a "k" series ivy bridge which will overclock, but it voids Intel's warranty unless you purchase their extended warranty for about $20. Reminds me of my Corolla's extended warranty for $472, which I never used. For most biostar boards, to be sure the bios is reset, you have to remove the board battery with the power supply unplugged. The cmos jumper trick rarely resets their bios, but it's no big deal.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Should i be wary of the low price of that motherboard? or is it just that other boards have a bunch of stuff i dont need? also now considering SB processor for gaming value
  3. No. I have two biostar boards; I had one minor warranty issue (bad dvi port), and they replaced the board in only nine days, which is fast for an rma. Asus is the most recommended board, but they aren't perfect either.
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