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Phenom II X4 980 or X6 1090T?

k, bulldozer pulled an epic fail, and i just cant wait out with my old 2.8ghz Intel Core 2 duo e7400. Its not even overclockable cuz its from HP. >_<

Anyway, both of em are in the same price range and i just cant afford i5 2500k atm, so, what's better for gaming? Im only going to play on 1366x768.

I noticed how both of them are in the exact same price range, rofl.

And does the stock fan on the 980, if i do get the 980, overclock to 4ghz?

Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. Getting anything over a 955 ($110) in the phenom II x4 line is a waste of money, you can easily crank the multiplier to x18 to equal a 975, and if you're lucky a 980 aswell without any extra voltage. For gaming the x4's are actually better than thuban, so go for that if you just can't wait. Make sure you go for a AM3+ mobo as hopefully AMD can un-f*ck bulldozer somehow with a stepping, and continue using AM3+.

    And no you can't overclock to 4ghz on the stock fan.
  2. The 980 because of the faster clock, the fan might be loud at 4GHz. Just get a 955 and overclock it with should reach 4GHz and stay quiet.
  3. WTF. Your sig got me 0_O.

    Anyway, yeah, ill probs go with a am3+ mobo just incase, but Bulldozer's done and gone. Maybe Piledriver. :/

    And 955? Isnt that a bit too old? 0_o
  4. 955 same tech as 980!
  5. Yeah, still, the whole extra Mhz sounds promising. LOL.

    Hmmm.. what about the 965 then? Quite a bit cheaper than the 980..
  6. Better buy than the 980 they all overclock to about the same.
  7. So basically, the 980's just the same chip clocked a bit higher?
  8. Pretty much all of the phenom II x4's after the 955 are just the same CPU with a little higher default multiplier, it is EXACTLY THE SAME CHIP. AMD does that with the athlon line also

    All of 955's out there now have C3 stepping, and have for some time, so should reach 980 speed with just bumping the multiplier.
  9. Yes it is!
  10. Oh, k, so.. any good am3+ mobos out there?
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    Never heard about 760g supporting AM3+, I thought only some 890fx and 870 mobo's were able to be made compatible though a BIOS update, I'd go the safe route and get the cheapest 990fx you can find, plus you won't want to be missing SATA III and USB 3.0.

    This one looks nice:
  12. Agreed, quite a good board actually.

    So 965 BE and the board it is! Thanks guys!
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