Intel i7 920 high temps

hello all,

i'm relatively a tech noob; i just downloaded a cpu temp monitor and i'm idling at 60-70, getting into 80 - hi 90s with load and i use the pc a lot. I have stock fan/sink and the system is two yrs old and i've never overclocked. I remember when i first got the system it would idle at 30-40. I don't know how long its been running those temps but i'd guess a year max. I clean the inside once every couple months, all case fans work that i know of and the case has decent airflow it seems. So i have a few questions:

how much potential damage can this have done? i haven't seen much if any signs of cpu failure (freezes, lockups, etc.)
should i just buy a cpu cooler or would it be better to buy a new cpu due to the potenitally sapped lifespan of my current cpu?

other info: 12 gb triple channel RAM, windows 7 64-bit, raedon 5850, cpu @2.67, evga x58 mobo

thanks for the help
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  1. Cpu's are pretty rugged just buy a better cooler like the CM 212+.
    It will fit as long as your case is over 7.5" wide.
  2. Check to make sure that your heatsink is fully seated on the CPU and it doesn't wiggle. 60-70 idle is way too hot. And I would be worried about getting into the 80s/90s. Something just seems like it's preventing the stock heatsink from functioning properly.
  3. If your temp monitor hardware is not "Core Temp", then try Core Temp as some HW monitor software shows incorrect temps. Your temps are high for the OE HSF unless your room temp is quite warm.

    If you decide to go for an upgrade the Hyper 212+ is an excellent and modest priced HSF.
  4. Yeah new cooler will def help, the 212's a good budget cooler or you could splash out on something fancy.

    My 920's clocked @4ghz with a constant 1.26v and hits around 70C under full load.

    I use a Thermalright Venoumous X cooler with 1 120mm fan.
  5. I would definitely advise getting a better cooler, especially since you've been using the stock one for so long.
  6. thanks for the help guys

    and yes, i was using core temp as my monitoring program

    so i suppose i'll get the recommended cooler; it seems big but antec's website says my case (antec 900) has a 8.1" width so i think i'll be fine according to the first answer

    should i be worried about any long-term damage?

    thanks again
  7. It should be fine in an Antec900.

    Try Realtemp also for monitoring.

    I wouldn't worry about any long term damage, just check stability with OCCT and P95.
  8. Everyone here is stating the obvious. Yes, a new cooler would help. But, he stated that his temps used to idle @ 30-40c and has degraded to the 70c he sees now. When was the last time that you reapplied Thermal Paste to your CPU? You say that you clean it often, have you mistakenly cleaned the thermal paste without replacing it? If you are for any reason removing your heatsink from the CPU, make sure that you reapply new heatsink paste, to avoid overheating that way. But not to be redundant, GET A CPU COOLER if the above doesnt hel pyour issue. 70c isnt going to cook your cpu, but its not very healthy either. GOOD LUCK!
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