Virus attack? Sluggish hard drive!

Hi guys. First off, my build is

G Skill DDR3 RAM, a SATA 640 GB Western Digital Caviar Black HD, an Asus M4A77TD pro, a dual-core AMD Athlon processor, a n APOWER AGS series 550 W power supply, an ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics card, and a SATA dvd rom drive. It is running on Windows 7 Ultimate. It also has 5 fans.

Now on to my problem:

For the past few days, I have been having problems with my computer because of what I suspect to be some viruses. Sure enough, I was able to wipe the viruses off my computer in safe mode. However, the next time I logged into my computer, I was faced with an endless loop of my windows explorer restarting and crashing. Strangely enough, whenever I tried to insert my McAfee antivirus CD into my dvd drive, my computer would freeze up, refusing to load the CD. I tried to use system restore, but after trying every restore point I had, i discovered that none of them worked. Once again, I attempted to remove the viruses, but MalwareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware weren't able pick up anything. Miraculously, the next day, my computer was just fine. However, the NEXT day, it started to operate very sluggishly and would freeze up randomly and would unfreeze if I waited long enough. Again, I tried to boot into safe mode, but this time, my computer wouldn't event allow that! At this point, I didn't care about my data anymore and just wanted my computer to work, so I inserted the Windows installation CD for windows 7. But for some reason, my computer did not detect any hard drives. I checked in BIOS as well, which only told me that I was right. Inserting a CD would render my HD useless. Thus, I wasn't able to format my HD, much less start anew. I tried my XP CD as well to no avail. Eventually, I got to the point where I was not even able to boot into my desktop at all. I initiated startup repair, but after an hour of "attempting repairs", I restarted my computer out of frustration. Then I initiated Startup Repair again and after another hour, I was finally able to boot into my desktop. But now, it is so sluggish that it takes about 15 minutes for all my startup programs to load. I have noticed that most of AVG's components were deactivated, so I'm pretty sure this is a virus attack. What should I do?

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Sorry for that giant block of text! I'm hoping that all those details may contribute to a solution.
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  1. have you tried recovery cd? bitdefender and kyspersky have really good recovery disc. if you can't, then you can always take the hdd out and use it as a slave drive in another computer to format it.
  2. Thanks for your response, but I think my hard drive has failed. After listening closely, I notice that my hard drive whirrs up as my computer starts up, and then stops with an almost inaudible click. Surely, this is the "click of death"? That may be the reason why my computer is motherboard cannot detect my hard drive. I've been through 3 hard drives in the past year already and I have gotten tired of constantly buying new ones to start over on. I'm starting to think the fault lies with my motherboard, or could the virus have caused it in the first place?
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    Id suspect a damaged hard drive too .

    The easiest way to be sure is to get a new one , and install windows
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