Microsoft security essentials or avast free

is it true if u got avast and if u dont do boot scans , your computer is not protected well. i got it on my laptop and it pisses me off because i have to respond to every threat it finds in boot scan. if i just do quick and full will that be okay.

about mse some of my friends told me it detected nasty viruses from his computer.
which one removes rootkits better, which one does not allow a virus to enter your computer, and rootkits ,which one will now allow privacy control virus , which one will not allow google redirect virus on my pc and remove it better if i do catch it.and Alureon E virus get to my pc becuase they are the ahrdest to remove.

i tend to use torrents alot but i do read the comments.
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also which one is better at protecting u from registry attacks becuase removing those is a pain for me.

also, which one is better when a virus does not let u have access of a program.
and which one is better at finding a vuirus, trojan becuase alot of them i heard disguise themselves as a normal file so they might be hard to catch.
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  1. eminemvanillaice, why don't u stick to one of your messages and get the problem fixed?

    U have whole bunch of them out there and not one is finished.

    U have already 8 messages out there.

    Maybe if one will get done, it will solve all those issues.

    My 2 cents...
  2. Or do u have a problem to track your messages down?
  3. yes i do. alot of the stuff on the right that u said it sometimes says no thread.
    also i want to avoid them in the future cause i was doing something wrong if i got so much of them
  4. Than make your threads favorites in your browser, put them in one folder and check periodically. Or check your email.
  5. ok back ot my issue. u did good but that prograqm u recommended did not clean my google redirct as i get redirected to porno sites
  6. it was sweeper or shredder something
  7. U will boot it in to the RAM and scan it from there, while Windows and infection is off-line.
  8. r u like the main guy on this site. i dont see anyone else in this section
  9. No, I am not the main guy here, I just have some time available now, before I will go to sleep.

    Anybody can chip in, but right now US is sleeping, so most of the brilliant guys are not here now, but soon South Africa and GB and Australia regions will tune in to help u further.
  10. eminemvanillaice said:
    r u like the main guy on this site. i dont see anyone else in this section


    I only check this in work tbh
  11. My best opinion is to format and start again, its quicker than trying to remove the virus and plus get you PC to factory fresh!

    PS back your data up 1st
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