No Virtual Surround Checkbox in Realtek HD Audio Manager

I just installed the latest driver for my integrated Realtek ALC889 sound chip. When I open Realtek Audio Manager, there is no Virtual Surround box to check. Another odd thing is in the lower left corner of the Realtek Audio Manager where there should be the Realtek name and icon, instead I have the Gigabyte Technology name. My board is a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3.

I have a 2nd machine with a Biostar TZ68A board that has a Realtek ALC892 chip. The Realtek Audio Manager for that board/chip has a Virtual Surround box to check. Why doesn't the Gigabyte's ALC889 chip provide that feature in the Audio Manager? Am I mssing something here?
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  1. Did you download the drivers from Gigabyte or from Realtek?
  2. GhislainG said:
    Did you download the drivers from Gigabyte or from Realtek?

    From Realtek. Ran same driver installation pgm on both machines, because the driver is the same for both.
  3. Gigabyte may have decided not to implement that feature or it's available only on the ALC992 chip (it also seems to work with the older ALC882 chip and the RealTek drivers). You could contact Gigabyte to verify why it isn't available.

    However I find it weird that the Gigabyte name is displayed if no Gigabyte audio drivers have been installed.
  4. That is indeed strange, I know. A Realtek driver/Realtek Audio Manager "picks up" a Gigabyte logo somewhere along the way during installation. ???? What is also odd, is that the Gigabyte board has a more sophisticated audio output (6 ports) compared to the Biostar board (3 ports)... and yet the Gigabyte/ALC992 doesn't offer virtual surround. At least not in the Realtek Audio Manager.
  5. It does in an older Asus P5W DH Deluxe with an ALC882 chip.
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