Need good motherboard for audio rcording

looking to build a pc for my music studio.. trying to be as cheap as I can..

(need new motherboard)
I have a quad AMD Phenom x4 9550 am2

two.. 2gb 2Rx8 pc2-6400u-666-12-E3
two.. 2gb 2Rx8 pc2-6400u-666-12-E0
two.. 1gb 1Rx8 pc2-6400u-666-12-ZZ
two.. 2gb OCZ PN:OCZ2RPR800C44GK

what combo of ram should I use? dont care about over clocking.. would like to max the ram if posable, would like at least 2 or 3 full PCI for sound cards..
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  1. This one: two.. 2gb 2Rx8 pc2-6400u-666-12-E3

    Try installing 4 Gb of RAM. It will improve alot the preformance.

    Good LucK!
  2. Whats your mobo?
  3. Where are u shopping? USA?
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