I5-2400 @ 3.1Ghz (stock) will bottleneck a GTX 580?


I was thinking save money on the CPU, motherboard, and memories and get the GTX 580 but i was thinking in the i5-2400 @ 3.1 in a H61 board, since i don't have OC options and unlock procesor i don't gonna need more than 1333Mhz memories because i don't need room for OC, so the budget needed for this configuration is $360 dlls.

My question is if i can't rise cpu core clock 3.1Ghz will be enough for rise all the gtx 580 power or gonna do bottleneck?

i've already has all the other components just gonna change this 4 things, i only have $1025 dlls but and the gtx 590 is not an option, since i gonna have to change my 750W psu to a 850 and is out of my budget, i don't wanto to break any OC record, i just want play games
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  1. It will not bottle neck. you should be fine.
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