AMD Phenom ii X6 1090T LOST 2 CORES?!

This is very strange.
I was installing some updates and downloading a java update and my computer was running very slowley. I have not done any overclocking or anything like that. Then the computer froze and the screen went black so I pressed the reset button on the computer. It came back on and started up. I noticed the Asus boot screen said that 5 cores were unlocked, not 6. Then I logged in and typed msconfig to see if I could activate my 6 cores back again. IT SAID I ONLY HAD 4 CORES! HOW DID 2 JUST GO!? Surely the cores couldn't have been burnt or broken?? Are they just strangley disabled??

All help will be appreciated!
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  1. Reset your BIOS to defaults!
  2. Cheers! How?
  3. ah looked it up thanks!
  4. no, it locked the cores back but CPU-Z still says i've got 4 cores and threads. Strangely when I had a look at the BIOS before I got your message the third core was diactivated. I activated it and I got my 6 cores back, according to the Asus splash screen but CPU-Z and Speccy still say i've got 4.
  5. 1090T native X6 if the board recognizes it correctly it is by default X6! If not there is something wrong with the board or CPU.
  6. do you think it could be an update because this happened after a lot of updates were being installed and aslo I have the worlds dodgiest PSU. Do you think that could also affect it?
  7. Also the device manager recognises 6 cores. I would not rely on programs like speccy or CPU-Z to tell me i've got 4 cores but the fact that msconfig only shows 4 cores too, is a bit worrying.
  8. Ok got it all working, thanks so much for the help it was the OS that was the problem
  9. what did you do?
    Im having the same thing..
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