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System Restarts on Inteasive Game Play

I just got a new video card, EVGA 570HD GTX and when I play games like Rift and BC2 on max settings my computer restarts. I swapped the card out with an older ATI 4000 series card and my comp works great without any problems.
Could the new card not be getting enough power and tripping my PSU? I am using 1000W X3 Ultra, the card need at least 38 amps running on the +12 volt rails but I can't find if this PSU runs those amps on those rails.
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  1. PSU, overheating and overclocking seem to be the most likely causes for that behavior.

    If you have anything overclocked, try using them at stock and see if it happens again.
  2. That psu should be plenty. As was already said, first run everything at stock if overclocking. Also, I'd uninstall the video card drivers, clean the system with Driver Sweeper, and then reinstall the newest drivers. If you still have problems, then it's likely an overheating problem. Monitor the cpu and gpu temps. Try running the system with the case side panel off for better air circulation.
  3. Quote:
    1000W X3 Ultra

    Ultra is not a very highly regarded brand, but I'd be shocked if it couldn't run a single 570...
  4. Could be the PSU, It is Ultra... but you should still be able to run what you are using.

    Heck what do I know, I had a 650w BFG power supply that couldn't run a single GTX 260, lol. Bad quality stuff, man.

    I'd venture to guess its overheating as bystander said though.
  5. Your PSU seems to be the problem.. Try some other PSU, get one from your friends, and see if it works..
    try to get the amps on each rail if possible
  6. On T1gerDirect's website, the +12V shows @70A so spec-wise you should be fine.
    Other than that, just try at stock speeds and go from there.
    Any cards inserted under your GTX 570 that may block air flow?
    nVIdia just released new drivers last month so you can try that as well.
    As a last resort, try your card in your friend's system to eliminate the PSU as a problem.
    Note that Ultra is T1gerDirect's house brand.
  7. Monitor your temps. Check if thermal throttling is turned on for your CPU in the bios.

    If you've got a second monitor, monitor the temps on that while you game.

    It's either PSU instability, overheating the CPU, or an unstable overclock as far as I can figure.
  8. just because the psu is powerful doesnt mean its not faulty. Ultra are known for using *** capacitors so they may be leaking and the psu not providing correct voltage/amperage anymore. How old is the psu? if its more than 3 years old, look at replacing it if you have found the system is not overheating.
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    Here calculate your load

    Buy corsair, Seasonic, Antec or other known quality PSU.

    Run prime95 & Furmark to establish the stability of your PC...
    Prime95 & furmark will stress your PSU. If your PC don't crash in 4 to 8 hours w/o error your setup is good.

    Use Hw Monitor to measure the current consumption of your hardware.
  10. Yeah, I have had my PSU for over 3 years, i think it coule be the cheep thing going out. Before I do that though I will do a clean driver install.

    thanks for all the help, if I do have to replace it I will definetly going with Corsair, Seasonic or Antec, thank for the help.
  11. Well, a little update. I have tried everything short of replacing the PSU. I did the Prime 95 and Furmark test and both the CPU and the Video Card run and no system restarts. I uninstalled the drivers and did an install of only the nessesary drivers and did the clean install and it still reboots when I try and play a graphics intensive game.

    I forgot to say that I am no OC anything, everything is running at stock. I still have yet to check for thermal throtteling on my MoBo Bios, so I will try that, if that doesn't work I will try another PSU and see were that gets me.

    Cheers for all your help.
  12. So after everything I bought another PSU, Corsair 1000W with more on the +12 rails than my Ultra X3.

    Booted up and no restarts at all. Play games on max settings and comps runs perfectly for hours.

    Thanks for all the tips, it was a bad PSU all along.
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