I5 2500k worth getting?

Hey, I was wondering what are your thoughts about getting i5 2500k if I have MSI 790fx-gd70 motherboard. So is it worth the money for new mobo, or should I just get 1090t or some other AM3 CPU for much less? I'm upgrading from PII x2 550BE, so I am not really going to wait for IB or whatever.

I mainly use computer for gaming and the interwebs and sometimes do light video-editing..

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Get the 955 with an aftermarket cooler to OC i because you already have an AM3 mobo and IMO, it is not worth it to buy a new mobo for that.
  2. Yeah you are going to have to stick with amd or get a new mb.
  3. Assuming you're gaming at 1920 resolution, you are likely to see some benefit from a 955 vs your 550. You will definitely see an improvement upgrading to a 2500k. Whether the 2500k is enough improvement for the extra money - or whether the 955 shows enough improvement for the money - is a personal matter. Source chart (read the text, too, please):

  4. I will probably go with 955/965 since they cost pretty much the same and buy some nice cooling & OC. It's not like games really need that much more power at the moment (and hopefully not in immediate future), also if I spend little less now, I can always use a little more money in few years when I'm ready to upgrade again (Not that I can be that long without using all of my savings).

    Thank you for all of the replys.
  5. If you are sticking with the AM3 setup then pick up a 1090T, bit more money but a better upgrade for your needs.
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