1920x1080 monitor displaying 1600x1200

Hello, I'm using a Haier 22" 1920x1080 monitor, and a while ago i decided I wanted to try minecraft. It asked me to update my video drivers and when in did, the resolution switched from either 1920x1080 or 800x600 as options for resolutions to 1600x1200 to 800x600 and everything in between, even resolutions i can't support. I brought the drivers back to about when i got the computer and it fixed it, but then i couldn't play League of Legends without updating again (I had played it fine before plenty of times) and so now im stuck at this resolution and even if i bring the drivers back to the older version, the resolution stays the same.

I am using an HD 4890 and i would really love it if someone could fix this for me, thanks
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  1. Do you have the Catalyst Control Center? Or are you using the windows control panel?

    You could try downloading the CCC and set it there.
  2. Are you downloading the drivers from ATI.com? If you do that the game won't tell you that you need to update your drivers.
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