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Is 4gig of ram enough for gaming

hi there,i have a core I5 2500k,asrock pro3 mobo,g skill 4gig ram,and gtx 560ti video card gaming pc,my question is,is 4 gig enough ram for my system,or should i have more?
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  1. Yes, but more RAM frees the system.

    8GB is the sweet spot at this time.
  2. Whats your OS?

    U need x64bit windows to use more RAM than 4GB.
  3. In your case it would help a bit to get 8GB. Its still cheap and its about to go up.
  4. Generally 4G is enough.
  5. my os is windows 7 64bit
  6. Than u are fine to have 8GB.
  7. i have 2x2gig of g skill rip jaws ram,i want to get 2 more of these sticks but they seem hard to find...this is the info on the ram sticks(specs)..
    CL8-8-8-24 1.6V
  8. Can u get than 2x 4GB? Its always better to have same RAM sticks.
  9. What country are u shopping in? USA?
  10. in australia
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  12. many thanks for the assistance,this forum is so good in general,thanks to all the replies to this thread
  13. Good luck!
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