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Help with fan choice?

Im considering buying a HAF 932. The side panel of that case has a 230mm fan stock, but can accept 4x120mm fans. Would the 4 sickleflow fans give me an increase in airflow? Noise is not really an issue.
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  1. The side fan of the HAF 932 is rated at 110cfm, you'll have to get 120mm fan that rated higher than that, but it will be kinda noisy.
    You can just get a fan controller and tweak the RPMs as you wish, as long as you have no problem with noise .
  2. The Sickleflow fans are rated at 69cfm. So would it be 69*4=276cfm? or does it not work that way?
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    Yeah 4 x 69 is gonna be more powerfull than 1 x 110.

    The larger fan will be a quieter runner.

    You should probably try the default setup with your hardware in to see if you actually need all the extra cooling power before shelling out.

    The 932 is a pretty strong cooling case with stock fan setup, you may find that it does a good enough job for you.
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  5. you should have searched google first, because CFM doesn't go this way, and it's a huge study.
    Anyway, search again for the best fit for your case, and don't get everything said here as a fact.
  6. What do you mean?
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