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Hello, when i try toget a canon pixma 640 set up to wireless,i install software it goes through motions of setting up,then a box comes up saying ( new port could not be created 0000)the printer has it's wireless light on and is ready, m.f.
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  1. eibgrad said:

    thanks,i will try what you have suggested,thank you.
  2. eibgrad said:

    thanks very much problem solved
  3. September 8, 2012


    Wireless Canon Printer Error Message: "New Port Could Not Be Created: 0023 (or some other number)"

    Simply perform the following easy 4 steps for Windows XP (solution should be somewhat similar for Vista).

    (1) Connect your printer to your PC via USB cable then:

    (2) Click "Start" > "Control Panel" > "Printers and Faxes" > "Add a Printer" (in left Tasks) > "Welcome to the Add Printer Wizard" > click "Next" > select "Local printer ..." with "Automatically detect ..." checked (yes, I know it's a network printer, but just bear with me...) > click "Next" > I believe you just click through and finally click "Finish".

    (3) Right click on printer in "Printers and Faxes" and make sure printer is in "Ready" Status by selecting "online".

    (4) Right click on printer select "Properties" > "Ports" tab > "Add a Port" > select "Standard TCP/IP Port" > select "New Port" > gives you "Add Standard TCP/IP Port Wizard" dialog > enter printers IP Address (get it from signing into your router or other technique) in "Printers Name or IP Address" > then "Port Name" should automatically fill in a name > click "Next" > finish installation wizard dialog box > right click on printer in "Printer and Faxes" select "Properties" then try clicking "Print Test Page" > you should be good to go.

    I hope that helps a lot of people/customers save a lot of time, money, energy, and frustration.

    [Modified to read easier and more explicitly from http://www.overclock.net/t/328138/solved-urgent-help-connecting-printer-to-a-wireless-router/20 originally posted by "guyladouche”]
  4. From the Author:

    This solution solves the wireless printing, but does not solve wireless scanning.

    For scanning I would suggest just plugging your portable USB Drive into the printer on the front bottom right side when you want to scan to a USB.

    So this solves wireless printing, allows copying, allows faxing, but you'll need either a portable USB drive to plug into the printer or a USB connection wire to connect the printer and PC when scanning.

    Well 3 out of 4 fixes isn't bad, compared to zero out of 4 fixes that the Canon Tech Support got for me.
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