PSU 20+4 pin connector does not fit snuggly with Mobo

So, I'm faced with a dilemma, my PSU; the OCZ Fatal1ty 750w has a 20+4pin power connector. However, this power connector does not connect fully with my motherboard; the Asrock Extreme 3 Gen 3. The 4pin part of the connector fits snuggly into the respective input, however the 20 pin part fits about half way, and then ceases to move any further. The lock mechanism is not able to clip as a result of this.

Currently, my desktop is able to turn on and goes to the boot screen (this is a new build so it is awaiting an operating system).

Everything seems to be working, except I notice that the red led on my motherboard lit up for a few seconds, but isn't up anymore... the one that has the numbers on it... I'm assuming that's temperature, not sure though (located near the power/reset button).

So my question is; is this an issue with the PSU power connector (My belief), or is the Mobo's receptacle to blame? Also, how serious is this issue, is it likely to affect power flow throughout my PC? Also, if I find that I cannot get it to fit snuggly, should I RMA it?

I've looked at the pins on the mobo, they all seem to be straight, the ones on the connector however, are slight bit out of sync, and I mean slight, so much so that they may be fine, but I can't tell.

This is a weird issue, considering when I built the pc out of the tower, the power supply connected fine, and everything worked. However now that it's in the tower, it's become an issue, and won't fit snuggly.

PS. I also had issues with the 4 pin fans being deformed in someway, but managed to squish those into the adapter, so now all my fans work. I'd love to be able to do the same thing to this connector, but am afraid of damaging the Mobo in someway by applying too much force to it.
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  1. Can be either but are you putting the 20 and 4pin in at the same time like a single connector?
  2. Yes, the connector has two components, a 20pin and a 4pin. The motherboard has a 24pin socket. So I'm combing the 20 and 4 to create a 24pin.
  3. Looks like one of the pins does not want to go where it is supposed to but keep trying I have never had them not lock in place.
  4. I'll keep trying, but I've been at it for 6-8 hours now rofl... Got other people to try as well, no luck.
  5. Make sure it is not the 4 pin stopping the 20 pin to go in!
  6. Just took out the 4 pin and tried to put the 20 pin in without it, still the same issue. My fingers are sore xD.

    Appreciate the help though :)
  7. Look directly at the connecting pins. Are any of them bent or damaged? Seems like the 20+4 PSU connector is the hardest fit on yhe MoBo.
  8. If you're talking about the connecting pins on the actual MoBo, they appear fine, very centered and straight.

    However, the 20+4Pin connector from the PSU, as stated some of them seem to be off center. After hours of testing, I can basically push one side down, or the other... but not both, leading me to believe the issue is somewhere in the center of the connector.

    Any recommendations? I've tried to straighten them, but they like going back to their position...
  9. I have shaved the connectors before when it was necessary to fit them on the board, you just have to be careful with things like that.

    If you think you will cut into the cables you probably will so avoid it.
  10. I wouldn't even know where to start the shaving, I've just been trying to straighten out the 20+4pin power connector from the PSU. It looks pretty damn centered, it just won't go in.
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