Is it a good trade?

Hey guys, I have a question about trading my board with my brothers own. Since my board is micro-atx and I forgot to tell you that my video card is resting on my sata ports. Thus one of my sensors for my video card is reporting 10 degrees higher than the other two sensors. Now my brother wants to swap boards. His is the Gigabyte 790x-ds4. Now i want to know your opinion if this is a good trade. Will it achieve higher clocks or will it crash/burn? I don't think Imma do X-fire because my power supply only has 2 pci-e connector. Not unless someone buys my 6950 and then buy 2 7850. I am a go but idk if it is a better board than mine. I am ordering a MOSFET heatsink: Enzothech MST-88 from It is on its way and we won't be trading until like a week from now.
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  1. you only listed 1 board... what are you trading?
  2. Sorry, its a gigabyte ga-ma785gm-us2h
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