Advice with installing new graphics card?

Hi there, i am doing my first build and have done a lot of research!

Only thing i seem to be stuck on is the installation of the GPU, i have a GTX 580 i know how to install it, but its the order in which i should do it. My MB is a P8Z68-V Pro which has integrated graphics (HD3000). I have read online that if you have integrated graphics then you shouldnt install the graphics card before your first boot?

Should i set up the system without the GTX 580, install the drivers online during my first boot and then turn the system off and physically intall my GPU? Or is it okay to throw it in right away and just install the drivers from the disk?

Thanks for any advice, and just incase you need it here is my system specs, as im not 100% if it will all work together any advice on that would again be much appreciated, thanks :)

Case: CM Storm Enforcer (Extra 200mm fan for top of case)
Motherboard: P868-V Pro
CPU: Intel Core I7 2600K
RAM: 8(2x4GB) Corsair Vengeance Blue (1.5v / 1600MHz / 9-9-9-24)
HSF: Zalman CNPS9900-MAX Blue
GPU: 1536MB Asus GTX 580 DirectCU II
OS: Win 7 Home Premium 64Bit
HDD: 1TB Western Digital WD1002FAEX Caviar Black, SATA 6Gb/s
DVD/CD Drive: Sony DRU-880S, Black
PSU: Corsair 950TX
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  1. Never heard that warning before, my standard procedure is
    Turn P.c. off
    take new card out of box
    Stick the new card in, remember the power connectors and retaining screw
    boot into bios and if you have the option to, disable onboard or select pcie as primary graphics adaptor,
    boot into windows and it will detect the hardware and just follow the boxes from there, might need to put driver disk into the drive if windows 'cant' find the driver online (doubtful)
    Googling your Mobo isn't returning any meaningful results, you sure thats the boards model?
  2. Sorry i didnt really make it very clear, it wasnt really a warning it was just advice and i struggle to find the article again, its just my first time building and i dont want to mess it up. What you said is exactly what i want to do, just disable to iGPU on first boot(im not interested in the virtu technology etc) and run straight of the 580. So in your experience its fine to run integrated graphics motherboards first time on a dedicated GPU and disabel the iGPU?

  3. I've done it that way on all my builds,
    the card goes in as part of the build and once the build is powered up its driven by windows built-in drivers until you install the up to date specific ones needed by your card,
    as far as I know the presence of a card in the pcie slot will override the onboard graphics anyway, but I'm not 100% on that on the sandy bridge chips, so advise making sure in bios,
    but yes, go ahead and put the card straight in
  4. Okay thanks for the help :)
  5. No probs man, glad to help,
    post back if you do run into any problems though :)
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