I want to change windows 7 32 bit to windows7 64 bit how can i do it

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  1. To change it on your computer, you will have to re-install Windows 7.

    To change a 32-bit media to 64-bit media, ask microsoft if they do such a thing.
  2. As rvilkman says, you will have to re-install. There is no quick switch you can perform, microsoft doesn't do it. Just back up your stuff then re-install it.
  3. You need to do a clean reinstall.

    If you can borrow a 64 bit windows 7 dvd, you can use it to install the 64 bit version, and still use your current product code to activate.
    Microsoft used to send you a 64 bit version of vista for a handling charge of $10 if you wanted to upgrade from a 32 bit version. Don't know if that is available for windows 7.
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