Can i fit a HD 5830?

Looking to upgrade my 4670 and theres a 5830 going for $102 CDN and i was wondering if it would fit in my case. I have since moved the HDD down and I could cut the metal if it does come in the way. Dont really care about damaging the case as I got the whole build for ~300 a year back >_>.

Its seems tight but kinda hard to resist at that price. MOBO is a Asrock G41-vs2 Micro ATX.

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  1. It will definitely fit! Just move your harddrive down a bit, and you are set!

    102 dollars for 5830 is a great deal. :)
  2. Yes iv already moved it down this morning =). Anyone else want to confirm before I pull the trigger?
  3. Does anyone know how long the card is in inches? I want to do final measurements before i order it. Getting mized numbers online.
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