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Hello everybody, I have recently bought a few games on steam and realized that my computer cannot handle them very well, so i am looking into upgrading my graphics card.

My current specs are:
Processor- AMD Athlon II x4 (2.6 GHz)
4G of Ram
Power supply or 220w
Windows 7
Current video card- integrated Geforce 9200

My main problem is that I have a slim-line PC and my power supply is rather low. I am looking for a 100-200$ card that can handle most modern games at medium or high quality, the manufacturer or the type of card does not make much of a difference.

Thanks for your help in advance, I have very little knowledge of computers and desperately need help
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  1. Ehh you have a lot of problems. Even with a low end graphics card you are going to need a new PSU, now this is no problem with a 200 dollar budget, but its going to be hard to find a PSU to fit your case. What is the case you have? Or the model number of the computer.
  2. Acer Aspire AX3300-U1322
    Newegg link is if you need

    yea, maybe i will make the upgrade in steps, any suggestions for a decent PSU?
  3. Corsair/Seasonic/Antec usually have nice PSUs, i recommend something around 600W.
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