Eyefinity Vs. 3D

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Just got done with my first year of college and now I can put a little bit of money towards something a bit more awesome. :sol:

I currently have an MSI Twin Frozr II 5850 that I'm looking to get rid of and upgrade.

My current monitors are:
1. 27" Asus LED.
2. Dell 20"
3. Dell 20"
4. Samsung 20"

Now comes the decision.

I can either:
1. Sell the 3 20" monitors and my 5850 and put it towards a 570/580 along with a 24" 3D Monitor and have my 27" on the side.


2. Sell the 3 20" monitors and my 5850 and put it towards a 6950/6970 along with 2 more of the Asus 27" panels to have an epic eyefinity setup.

I've done eyefinity with my 3 20" monitors before and loved it. I just hated that when I was done gaming, I had to do everything else on a tiny 20" monitor.

Anyways, all suggestions and opinions are welcome. Thank you, my kind fellows.

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    My personal opinion, and this is all about opinion, is I'd rather go eyefinity. The main reason is that I would not like to wear glasses every time I wish to game in 3D. Eyefinity doesn't have those constraints.

    I have a great pair of Dolby 7.1 headsets that I rarely use, because having to wear equipment to play a game is annoying. Sure, I occasionally put them on, but it's just not enjoyable for long periods of time.
  2. I just thought about that same thing. I have a pair of Audio Technica A700's I wear most of the time. Eyewear would probably bother me.

    Thank you sir.

    Option 1: 5 votes
    Option 2: 0 votes
    Neither and get an IPS Panel: 2 votes
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