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Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area, feel free to move it if it is. Hi all, I have a a few questions regarding which is the best route I should go in your opinion regarding my current setup. Right now the case I am using is the Coolermaster Storm Sniper. I have 2x Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 216's in SLI and an EVGA P55 motherboard. Using this motherboard my 2 graphics cards are basically right up against each other and while playing some games the temps get pretty high. I haven't noticed anything wrong while in games, but it still worries me. What I am wondering is if switching to a different case that doesn't have the sideways facing hard drive cage in it (like my current case does) will make a difference and help my temps a little more. One case that I am considering is the HAF 912. Yes, this case has the sideways facing hard drive cage too, but it is removable and that is what I would do and just use the smaller hard drive cage in the bottom for my one hard drive thus allowing the intake fans to pump more air into the case. I would also be grabbing a few Sycthe Slipstream fans to add to the case as the HAF 912 only comes with 2 120mm's stock. Do you guys think it would be worth the money to go this route? Also I'm using the Noctua NH-C14 CPU cooler. If I get the HAF 912, will the NH-C14 fit in this case? One last thing about the HAF 912. You can put two 120mm fans in the front or one 200mm, two 120mm fans in the top or one 200mm, one 120mm in the back, and one 120mm in the side. What is the optimal fan setup for a case like this? Two 120mms in front, one 200mm in the top, and one 120mm in the back or some variation? I am also open to other case suggestions, but I sort of want to keep it in this price range if at all possible. Thanks guys I appreciate any advice you can give me.
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  1. From my personal experience and oppinion. I would try and stay away from mid towers for gaming setups. I have a very similar setup to you, 2x Nvidia Geforce GTX 275's Overclocked in SLi, I7 920 2.67 OC'd to 3.8 on a P6T Air cooled. I have a full tower, and I very rarely get over 50c, 53c max when gaming. A smaller case like that causes the heat to build in the smaller area. If the area is already hot to begin with, a smller case if going to have a harder time filtering that heat outside of the case. A Full tower allows for more area inside the case for heat to spread, while the case has time to filter the heat out. Having a full tower often allows for many more fans, which will get the air out quicker. Larger cases leave room for better heatsinks as well, if you are also seeing an issue with CPU overheating. To fully answer your question, I most liekly would not go with the HAF 912. If you like the look of the HAF 912, take a look at the HAF 932. Here is a link that I found.

    This case will give you plenty of room for additional fans and the Noctua NH-C14 CPU cooler that you have your eye on. Hope this info helps let me know what you end up doing and if it fixes your issues :). GOOD LUCK!
  2. Full towers are always better in cooling with lot more fans and a lot more room for air. The only mid tower i have seen to be good is the CM690 and the HAF922. They are pretty good mid tower cases. When fitting fans, just make sure where the air is going and what its supposed to go.
  3. Generally, front/side/bottom mounted fans should be intake. Top/rear should be exhaust.

    Extra fans (the ones which are optional when you bought the case) can be filled, although the problem of cooling your GPUs too close together won't be solved IMO.

    You have to :

    1. customize existing rig by placing fans on case floor facing the cards,
    2. changing your case (to a full tower-ex CoolerMaster HAF-X or 922 or 932) where side mounted fans are standard (or optional),
    3. change stock cooler with aftermarket (ex Arctic Accelero series).
    4. watercool.
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