Celeron E3200 with GTX 275

Ok, it sounds funny, but I've had to sell my Q9550 and I had a spare E3200 lying around. Rest of my system is 780i mobo, 6GB DDR2, GTX 275 and HDDs.

So can I expect to play games if I overclock the E3200? Maybe someone can guide me in overclock settings. I am not noob to OCing but my attempts have failed. I have option of linked memory FSB ratios of 5:4, 3:2, 1:1. Multipliers on CPU go upto 12. Default FSB is 800, board can go upto 1333. I am noob enough to not know how to tinker with voltage settings.
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  1. Expect some drop in frames. Sounds really funny going from a quad to dual and also a slower one!

    Bump the FSB and the volts a bit and see how far it goes. With OC'ing processors its sometimes down to luck. Some chips clock better.

    But still would lag the Q9550.
  2. Luckily celerons having fewer transitros in them overclock better than some other processors. My friend has the same processor and it went to 2.9ghz w/o increasing volts (oh yeah it was intel stock cooler and it was pretty dusty). 50mins of prime 95, it gave 59 degrees (celsius scale).

    My tip is, that if you overclock your processor by increasing fsb speed, expect to decrease the multiplier, as if you bump up fsb your memory will run faster aswell( if your rams run too fast, they may start degrading and making more calculation errors).

    Try playing with fsb, multiplier, and also for higher cpu clock you can increase fsb, and run memorys with a slower pofile and decreased miltiplier.

    The overclock is dependant on you and you alone, i suggest you to do some reasearch and poke around a bit in the forums to find out what other people got with their procsessor.

    Also do not bump up the volts too much. The theoretical max limit is shown on intel's homepage, try not to go over this limit alot->
    go there to find out:

    Hope this helps a bit.
  3. Lock the FSB:RAM to 1:1. If your FSB is "800", then it's really using 200MHz. Set the FSB to 400MHz, and drop the CPU multiplier to 6. (Double the FSB, halve the CPU multiplier.) It should boot in this config with stock voltages as only the board is being OC'd. At this point slowly up the CPU multiplier until you aren't stable anymore. If you need/want more CPU power, slowly start increasing the Vcore as you up the CPU multiplier until your temps or system is to high/unstable.
  4. Just reporting back. My intuition is my previous attempts failed because the memory wouldn't budge past 800Mhz (it could possibly be OCed to 1066, but I couldn't).

    I ended up with 3:2 linked memory. FSB 1200 (300). x10 multiplier. Had to bump the Mem voltage to 2.2 from default 1.9. But 2.2 is what the memory stick says on it. So not worried about burning anything. Running at 3.0Ghz now. temps are 43 and 33 for each core. Hope this is better than the stock 2.4. Haven't felt much difference yet.

    edit: spelling errors.
  5. Interesting.
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