Will 1600 RAM work with Phenom II x4 965

I'm trying to design a build for a computer I want. Its the first time I have tried to build a computer and I have heard that Am3 socket mobos don't work well with 1600 GHz DDR3 memory. The mobo I want is an AMD 990 FX. Ive also heard that certain processors don't like having 1600GHz memory either. Finally, I have also read that the memory will have more problems if you fill all four memory slots so I don't know if I should get 2x8gbs or 4x4gbs. I just want to know if my processor and mobo are compatable with Corsair 1600GHz ram. Thanks for all help.
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  1. Yes, the 1600MHz RAM will work.

    When you first install it, the BIOS will default it to 1333MHz, but that is easily changed via the BIOS.

    From my experience with Asus 990FX boards (I have 3) they are much more stable with 2x4GB than with all 4 slots filled.
  2. Yes, do that ^.
  3. Cool thanks guys.
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