New Rig .. questions on dual monitors and bottleneck


so i built this new rig:

Processor: I7 2600 @3.40ghz
Mobo: Asus P8P67
ram: 8gb twinMOS DRR3 1333mhz
Power supply: 1200 thermal take tough power

what i need help with is:
1- will i have a bottleneck issue?
2- is this good for full HD gaming?
3- can i run dual screens with this? 1 FULL HD screen for gaming the other screen is a normal LCD for other operations?
4- if i go 2-way SLI would i have a bottleneck issue?

keeping in mind am not going to OC anything.

thanks a bunch.
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  1. No the i5-2500k is already badass. The i7-2600k will allow you to render 3D better. You will do good with gaming with a 570 no doubt and you may also run 2 way SLI without a problem. However, I do suggest using more reputable power supply brands like Antec, Seasonic, and Corsair. Gotta protect your investment you know ;)
  2. ok

    thermal take is no good?
    and what about dual monitors?

    thanks for the reply btw just need to clarify these two issues :P
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