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Which motherboards have wireless internet built in if any?

I am confused where wireless is on a motherboard and if they even have something
that makes them wireless. I have a wireless router and need for my new build to connect to it.
to it. Any help much is appreciated. :)
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    You can buy inexpensive (or expensive) wireless pci cards for the computer that only take a few minutes to install, or you can buy wireless usb adapters that plug into the usb ports on the outside of the computer. If you really want a new motherboard, I recall seeing some Intel brand boards with included wireless. I personally have been using the inexpensive Sabrent wireless pci cards from for the past four years without a problem (several in different computers). Link below to the ones I prefer:
  2. you mean like:
    P8Z77-V DELUXE
    Wi-Fi GO

    usually those options are in the higher end boards that cost much more. a add in card is also an option.
    300Mbps Lan 802.11 n/g/b Wireless Wifi Network PCI Card

    am i understanding what you are asking?
  3. Looniam: i believe so, as long as i can connect to a router wirelessly, which intern can connect to the internet, and can connect to a motherboard, we are on the right track.
  4. Where would i put such a PCI card in the motherboard?
  5. Multisupermono said:
    Where would i put such a PCI card in the motherboard?

    In an unused PCI expansion slot, but you don't even need to get one. A USB wireless adapter would do just as well.
  6. DJDeCiBeL: Yeah, in fact i'm using one right now. But it's not very good and can be broken easily, so i think i'll get a PCI card.
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