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Ok I just wanna check with some people who have a little more experience with hardware. I have a homebuilt pc that after a power outage won't turn on and the CPU makes a soft clicking sound. It was on a surge protector so idk if I should just replace my psi or what. I'm low on money and don't have access to another power supply to test this so your help would be greatly appreciated.


A1C McCluer
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  1. Also a quick note the power supply is a kingwin abt-700ma1s 700w
  2. Its definately your PSU. you can get something cheap possibly. What is your system specs?
  3. It's a older pc:
    Motherboard: MSN-SLI deluxe
    CPU : an older and duo core athlon x2
    Graphics: 2 GeForce 8800 Gt (sli'd)
    Fans: 4 of the normal sized fans with built in lights
    Only fan different is a large (personal pizza size) fan built into the thermatake case
  4. you may need to upgrade the mobo and cpu, but everything else is ok for now. that psu though is definately bad.
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