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What speed of RAM can my motherboard handle?

I have an acer aspire computer it came stock with 4GB of 24pin DDR3 ram. I want to upgrade this to 8GB but i am unsure what the max speed my motherboard can handle. I believe the current ram is DDR3 1333 the upgrade i was interested in is DDR3 1600. How can i tell if my mother board can handle this?
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    Most laptops can only handle 1333MHz RAM. Anything you put in that is faster will be automatically slowed down to 1333MHz. There is no way to change this speed because of the neutered OEM bios's that are installed on them.

    If you want to purchase the 1600MHz kit it will work, but it will only run at 1333MHz
  2. you know naming a brand and a family of laptops doesnt tell us any information about its motherboards(it can be the low end acer aspires or the high end, they would use different motherboards most likely) so no one can really confirm the limit, but yes, the limit is most likely 1333 unless you bought a real high end acer aspire.
  3. I have been trying to fine the Motherboard information myself but your right i clearly wasn't clear enough since both responses refereed to a laptop when my system is a desktop but i have found some info myself it seems my motherboard has a 4gb max anyway and it does look like 1333 is the max thanks for you help though :)
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