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Restarting at Starting Windows

Hello everyone I hope you all are doing well. My dilemma is every time my computer reaches the Starting Windows screen with the window colors flying in, it restarts. I know it has something to do with the upgrade I just applied, but I don't know how to fix it.

I built this computer around 2 months ago and it worked fine from the get go. Here were the previous specs.

AMD 955 BE
Corsair TX 750W V2
Corsair XMS3 4 gig 1333MHz
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
XFX HD 6950 2GB

I upgraded to the ASUS Crosshair V Formula and 8gigs of G Skill Ripjaws. I made sure that the ram was compatible with my mobo prior to buying and the memtest works so I don't think it's that, but I'm not sure. Everything else is the same but the mobo and ram. I'm about to take everything out, ugh this sucks :pfff: , and put it together outside of the case just to make sure that I have everything plugged in right. Thanks for any help and I hope to hear from you guys soon.
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  1. alright, have you checked bios settings?

    Usually the restart loop at startup/windows logo indicates that your disk drives are setup differently.

    BIOS -> sata configuration -> (post back with your findings :)

    we can start to move on from there. Check my signature links to help you further!
  2. It says this


    SATA6G_1 WDC WD1002FAEX(1000.2GB)

    SATA6G_3 through 6 show not present because I do not have anything plugged in to them
  3. erm, i meant if its set at either of these;


    do a clean install of windows.

    I recommend setting sata to raid so that in the future when you want to decide to setup a raid array, you don't have to re-install windows fresh.
  4. Oh haha I had to click SB SATA CONFIGURATION

    That says that

    OnChip SATA Channel is enabled
    SATA Port1 - Port4 are set to AHCI
    SATA Port5 - Port6 are also set to AHCI
    S.M.A.R.T. Status Check is enabled

    Hot Plug on all ports is disabled
  5. ok, your running off AHCI, that rules out one problem. so when you got your new mobo and ram stick installed, set it inside your case - did you do a fresh install of windows7 64 bit?
  6. I set the both to IDE and it started! I thought that AHCI looked different that what my other mobo said. Thank you so much good sir. At least for now it has started!
  7. Hang on bro, have you been running sata drives off IDE mode all these days?

    to realize the true speed of a sata HDD, you need to set it to either raid or ahci. setting drives in IDE mode was for legacy products.
  8. I considered it after it wouldn't start, but I haven't yet. And now that it has gotten past the Starting Windows screen my keyboard won't work. It works in the BIOS, but not past the Starting Windows screen...
  9. I haven't changed anything on the SATA configuration. IDE just seemed more familiar haha. I could be wrong about the other mobo setting.

    Now that I think about it, it was AHCI on my other mobo. IDE just seems familiar because the old computer I have uses IDE.
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    bro,PLEASE do the following :) ;

    1| set SATA in bios to AHCI or RAID, keeping ODD as the primary boot option
    2| restart,
    3| format OS drive during reinstall of windows 7
    4| this should solve the problem of your keyboard.

    BTW, is keyboard, usb or PS2? usually a bios update can solve these lil issues as the updated vers account for ps2 glitch, ram or cpu support
  11. USB keyboard. I changed it back to AHCI and it restarts again. I'm gonna format my HD and hopefully it will start. I need to update my BIOS anyways because it is version 0404 not 0506

    I'll let you know what happens after the reformat
  12. My keyboard won't let me type when trying to reformat...
  13. I got an old PS2 keyboard and it is working now. I'll update later
  14. Phew! It starts and everything is good to go. Thank you so much for the help. I am installing drivers and all that good stuff again. At least I didn't have too much to reinstall. Once again thank you good sir
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  16. Relax bro, we're here to help!!!
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