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Hello, I recently built a computer from the ground up for me and a couple of my cousins. After about a month or so of playing games during one of my games the computer froze and it wouldnt even power down with the power button. The next day i called MSI too see if it was the motherboard and they just told me it must be the proccessor. I took my computer to a local guy that ive known for a while and this guy knows everything that you could think of and he said it couldn't be the MOBO so... For my birthday i got a different processor from someone and tried it out today NOTHING IS HAPPENING. I power it up only thing that happens is the fans spin and the LED's on the case work, The computer doesnt boot at all and there's no display when all this is happening. What can it be? Im 100% sure the processor works with the mobo because the setup i have is the same as every1 elses and there's works fine. What could it be?
P.S Ive tried pretty much everything i could think of Resetting the internal battery switching the RAM around i even sent my MOBO back and received a new one still nothing. The amount of frustration i have is just rediculous im about to give up on computers in general, Ive been working on em since i was a kid and still cant think of what's wrong if u can figure out what's wrong i <3 u
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  1. I might of posted this in the wrong place because it's a MSI motherboard and it wasnt listed.
  2. have you tried booting with 1 ram stick instead of both?
  3. Yes same problem occurs. thanks for the reply though.
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