Phenom II 965 vs I5 2300 vs AMD X6 1055T

Okay so im not sure what to base my computer build on....the purpose is mainly for gaming some video editing but i would also like to have a responsive system...this is my dilemma with the Intel, if i go with Intel i have only enough money to get the H61 Chipset, which in my opinion is very basic DDR3 1333MHz at best, no RAID support, 2 DIMM slots.

Very Tight budget

ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO Motherboard
G-Skill Ripjaw 1600Mhz CL9 DDR3 2X2GB (Any better suggestions?)
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 RAID0 (Any better Suggestions?)
Nvidia Geforce GTX560 TI

Which platform will be better for the future also? i hear RAID0 can boost the responsiveness of the system a lot this is why im not opting for the i3 2300 although its faster.
But X6 or X4?
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  1. i5-2300 is the best of those.
  2. What is your budget? If you are tight on cash, I'd get the 955 and oc it.
  3. Read this article on <$200 gaming cpu's:,2859.html
    The 2300 shows up very well.

    Seagate raid-0 is not a great idea.
    Raid-0 is not a performance benefit to a gamer, or most other people for that matter.
    Look for a 1tb WD black or samsung. Larger drives are denser and have better transfer rates.

    See if you can't manage a Z68 based motherboard.
    That will give you oc options if you later want to swap out for a 2500K or even a 22nm ivy bridge follow on.
    It will also give you ssd cacheing. Not a bad option to speed up your hard drive.
    SSD prices continue to drop.

    G.skil is very good. See if you can't manage a 8gb kit of 2 x 4gb. Here is some justification:
  4. Agree with those suggestions. ^ Beg, plead, borrow, mow yards, wash cars, something but get a good motherboard, don't skimp there and you can upgrade to other better parts later. If you start with a cheap platform, you always have a cheap platform.
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