Major problem with new build.

I have just built my new system, but i am having a major problem which is really worrying me.
My specs are:

Asus M5A78l/USB3
AMD FX 4100 3.6GHZ
16GB SSD Kingston
250GB 7200RPM HDD
500W Arctic PSU (no rating)
4GB Corsair 1333Mhz Ram (overclocked to 1600Mhz
GTS 450 (Core clock increased by 50Mhz)
4X140MM fans 2X120MM fans
16X RW Drive (DVD)
Edimax Wifi Card
Creative Sound Card

My problem is - I have just built it all up, but when i press the power button everything lights up, HDD spins yet there seems to be only a black screen, no boot up to bios or anything. I have reset the CMOS Changed GPU and PSU, and still nothing happens. Could this be the motherboard was damaged or could it be that the power supply is not managing to power it all up to be able to display a screen?
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  1. Before anyone jumps to conclusion, I have a integrated speaker, so i took out the ram and i got no beep codes at all
  2. The 500W PSU is more than enough to get the system up and running. Heck, 500W will start almost any system you can build (doesn't mean it is big enough for any, but you don't draw that much power during boot).

    Did you double check that the standoffs are in the right place and you aren't shorting out the motherboard?

    If that isn't it and you already tried known working (not new, but actually tested and proven to work) GPU and PSU then I would guess the motherboard.
  3. Also try unplugging verything that isn't needed to boot, i.e. dvd drive, extra fans etc.

    Are you sure you have all the relevant power cables, i.e. 4 pin / 8 pin atx plugged into the correct slots.
  4. Why the pain :(

    I just bought it. Oh well then, I will see if i can get a replacement.
    When i get the motherboard then i can really experience the speed of a top end system from a low-end one
  5. before returning it, you should try running the motherboard with only the CPU, PSU, and speaker outside of the case. This will eliminate any possible shorts or other funny stuff. If still no beeps then definitely send it back.
  6. I have tried your suggested ideas, yet non seem to work. The only option i can think of is to return the motherboard and get a replacement for it. I also believe that the motherboard doesw not have intergrated graphics
  7. I also believe that the motherboard doesw not have intergrated graphics. This seems to be one of the problems that you canty really fix, I have looked on the internet of different posts and people who have the same problem never really manage to fix it.
  8. Unplug power led, power switch, reset button cables etc from the motherboard and try placing them again with the correct position +/- this time.
  9. This is awkward, but I got the new Motherboard and I managed to find evidence of it being the Ram that had blown. So I have bought 4GB more Ram
  10. Replace the psu it's a pile of junk and will only cause more trouble in the future.
    I doubt it can produce enough juice let alone for oc'd components.
    It's combined max output is 500W and an old antiquated design that doesn't provide the proper power distribution for a modern platform.
    12v rails have 18A which isn't enough.pre -2007 design not 80+
    That's your problem! you need an ATXV2.3 psu
    You'll never get the pc to post with that unit.
    Don't skimp on a psu it's a big mistake.
    You need to spend at least 40p on a psu.
  11. This achieves a good 350W+ this should be enough to run the computer, someone else I know uses the exact PSU for a build which takes more power
  12. 40p? you mean £40?
  13. Spaceboy6 said:
    This achieves a good 350W+ this should be enough to run the computer, someone else I know uses the exact PSU for a build which takes more power

    Which isn't enough the recommend minimum psu for the GTS 450 is a continuous 500W psu.
    You don't have that.
    Take out the gpu you'll post.
    Put it back in you'll shutdown.
    A modern platform has powered delivered from the 12v rail for the cpu/gpu.
    The minimum standard is 20A on the 12v rail now.
    Your psu delivers all it's power on +3.3v and +5v =new cpu's and gpu's don't use those rails.
    Your cpu,gpu,and mobo are drawing from the 12v and 18A simply isn't enough.
  14. Spaceboy6 said:
    40p? you mean £40?

    Yes i'm not from the UK.
  15. Gpu was token out a few days ago, still never post or get to bios
  16. Spaceboy6 said:
    Gpu was token out a few days ago, still never post or get to bios

    Just buy a proper psu mate!
    One that actually list it's ATX version number.The ARCTIC doesn't even on the manufacturers website it just says ATXV =doesn't that tell you something?/ATXV =CRAP! that's what.
    Corsair 500W CX V2 PSU- Supports the latest ATX12V v2.3 standard and is backward compatible with ATX12V 2.2 and ATX12V 2.01 systems
    OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W ATXV 2.2
    Brilliant unit for the money - semi-modular
  17. Not saying the PSU isn't junk, but you should be able to post with it unless it is broken.

    80+ has no bearing on the quality of a PSU. I can find you an 80+ piece of garbage, and a non-80+ that is great. 80+ has no bearing on how much power a PSU will put out, only on how much it will draw from the AC outlet. Also, the standard was 20W MAX on the 12V rails. This was a safety precaution, not a minimum required output. Also, that 20A max limit was removed with the latest standard.

    12V*18A is 216W. My computer does not draw 216W while posting. Heck, my computer can play Civ 4 on max settings and only draw 200W from the AC outlet. This with an ancient power hungry Athlon 64 X2 and a Radeon 6870.
  18. This PSU is good enough to get me the voltages and power I need to get it up and running, I could simply reset the clocks if i wanted to. As I said, it is the ram of which is broken.
  19. hold on a min...can you confirm that you have only ONE display connected to the PC?
  20. Just 1 display, which is Certified for low energy consumption
  21. looks like a bad board. The reason why I asked is because a pc without an OS with the graphics drivers will not boot up 2 displays.
  22. I have the same problem, I have built a similar system.

    G-Skill 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600Mhz RipjawsX Memory Kit CL9 (9-9-9-24) 1.5V

    Asus M5A78L/USB3 AMD Socket AM3 8 Channel HD Audio ATX Motherboard

    AMD FX-4 4100 Black Edition 4 Core 3.6Ghz Socket AM3+ 8MB L3 Cache Retail Boxed Processor

    Coolermaster Elite Power 500W PSU

    Hitachi Deskstar 1TB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 32MB Cache - OEM

    LiteOn iHAS124-19 24x DVD±RW DL & RAM SATA Optical Drive - OEM Black with Nero Essentials

    Asus GTX 560 DirectCU 1GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI PCI-E Graphics Card

    Coolermaster HAF 912 Plus Case

    A friend told me that it might be a problem with the BIOS, and that the motherboard doesnt have the right bios for the cpu?
  23. I had have the same problem and figured out what the problem is. It's actually unbelievable but the AMD FX CPU needs a 8 pin power connector instead of a 4 pin.

    I know this for sure since I had two different boards (ASUS and ASRock), three different RAMs (Kingston Hyperx, Kingston Value Ram, Corsair XMS3) and two different PSUs (Xilence 480 and Seasonic 760). Allways the same problem: everythings starts only the screen stays black.

    So I took the CPU to a store because I thought that maybe this could be the problem. The guy checked it in front of me and with a 8 pin power connector everything boots up. I told him to check it only with 4 pins and screen.

    I bought directly a Phenom II X2 and see.....everything boots without a problem on both boards on every of the three RAMs and with both PSUs. Today I will send the CPU back to the shop.

    I don't understand how they could certify the 4 pins boards for the new AMD FX series.

    It's a shame.

    So you other guys confirm whether it's the same with you.....
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