Amd phenom II X4 3.2 GHz idling at 40 Celcius.

Hello guys!

So i have this issue, i have a Amd phenom II X4 3.2 GHz with Venom cooler which was idling at 40 Celsius. (and 50 Celsius when i got it overclocked to 3.7 Ghz!)

I discovered i messed up the paste when i was installing the cooler about 1 year ago, so i reapplied paste yesterday properly this time (one pea size at the center of processor, after i cleaned up everything well with alcohol).

Today i look at the cpu temp and its still idling around 40 Celsius. Does the paste take time to set, and if it takes time will it make any significant difference to the cpu temperature?

i was hoping with a fairly good cooler like mine and a good paste (arctic silver mx3) it will be idling at around 30 Celcius!

Please advise if u have an idea whats going on and thank you for reading!
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  1. it can take time to set but at best you'r are gonna see 2-3 degree difference max. Did you spread the paste bye hand or did you let compression from the cooler do it?
  2. Use "Core Temp" if you're not already to read the CPU temps as some software gives incorrect temps. Check the max load temp with OCCT, P95 or Linpack to make sure it stays below 55C. Some CPUs will be OK up to 60C but it's best to leave a safety margin.

    While some TIM takes awhile to cure and conduct the best, you're only talking 1C IME so it isn't even noteworthy IMO.

    You may be using more CPU voltage than required for your OC however. If you haven't read the links below, they may help you.

    The Venom HSF is a decent cooler so it should hold the temps within reason but you do need good case airflow to get the heat out.
  3. i let compression from cooler do the spreading!
  4. I am using ANTEC 900 which i believe is a good case, not the best, but it has a huge 120mm exhaust fan on top and a smaller one at the back.

    i dunno idling at 40 degrees with these conditions seem excessive to me! i also never have the heating on, in my house so it should be around 20 or maximum 25 degrees in the house which again does not explain the high temp on mu cpu!

    thnx for the help by the way
  5. It is pretty hot my x6 clocked to 3.8 stays at 26 even with some lite gameing IE wow , league of legends
  6. Bear in mind that some boards report temps incorrectly. Also, chips can vary from part to part. Some really run hotter than others.

    Since your talking about idle temps, perhaps cool and quiet is not functioning.
  7. How do i check if cool and quiet is functioning or not? bios setup?
  8. haratsos said:
    How do i check if cool and quiet is functioning or not? bios setup?

    You could check the bios settings. But I would get something that reports cpu speed and see if the clock speed drops to somewhere in the area of 800mhz to 1 ghz. Thats how cool and quiet makes it cool and quiet. Reducing clock speed at idle. Though I do believe the XP CnQ driver does not report cpu speed correctly. So that method might not work if your running XP.
  9. Are you using an After Market HSF? If not, OC'ing with stock cooling could be the reason for your high temps.
  10. oh wow...yeah, thats strange. Id say check voltage and make sure that puppy is seated properly. Enable Cool n' Quiet. What is your fan configuration for your case?
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