Computer won't power up!

The other day my secondary rig stopped working. I cannot get anything to power on with either power or restart buttons on the case. I double checked all wire connections, everything seems to be plugged in fine. Nothing has changed component or otherwise in nearly a year in the system. The power indicator light on the mobo does turn on and off if I unplug the PSU from the wall or hit the power button on the PSU itself, indicating to me that some sort of power is getting through the PSU to the mobo but nothing happens otherwise if I try to power the system up. My first guess was a dead PSU but not sure if that makes sense since something is getting through to the mobo. The only other easy fix I can think of is if one of the cables running from the power button to the mobo is frayed or damaged somehow but I can't see anything wrong from the outside. Suggestions?

Asus M2N32-SLI deluxe Mobo
AMD Phenom 9950 BE CPU
Radeon 4870 512M GFX
4 GB Corsair XMS2 RAM
Antec 900 Case
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  1. You can check the power button leads by shorting out the power pins on the mobo with a screwdriver (touch them both and let go). Could easily be a bad PSU.
  2. I tried shorting the button lead with a screwdriver. Got lights by my rear USB/Ethernet ports to blink once and then they go off, nothing else happens. Looking more like a dead PSU I guess... any other suggestions?
  3. Either motherboard or PSU, since it is your secondary computer you can make sure by trying the PSU from the primary!
  4. Swapped PSUs and it booted right up. Looks like I'm ordering a new PSU. Needed a new DVD drive, anyways :)
  5. Did you check if your OCZ is still under warranty?
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