Corsair 1050hx PSU and GTX 580 SLI question (Amps)

i have a question about SLI and the power supplys amps, and im hoping someone can solve this for me.

the corsair 1050hx i believe has +12V 1: 87.5 A (correct me if im wrong)

a gtx 580 needs a psu of at least 600 Watts with a +12 Volt current rating of 42 Amps, now if i wanted to get 2 gtx 580
now if i want to run 2 way SLI do i need to double the amps by two? so the psu would need at least 82 amps on the +12v rail to run both? i know the 1050hx can run the 2 cards, the whole amps has always confused me haha.

hope someone can solve this for me thanks.
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  1. They are recommending for total system power when they say 42amps. The HX1050 is plenty and some. Here total system load running Furmark 850watt
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