Computer new will not boot! Please Help

So I just built my first ever pc but when I turn it on it tells me that windows cannot start up properly. I'm using my old hard drive and CD-burner but all new stuff. The Specs are-
Intel i5-2500k sandy bridge CPU
Geforce GTX 560 Ti
Corsair 650tx PSU
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  1. There are a few options here:
    If you just swapped your old drive into the new computer without re-installing windows then be aware that you will have to. Problem solved.

    If you did a re-install, then take comfort that your new hardware is good because you are getting to windows (though there is a possibility of bad ram, but I find this doubtful). There is a possibility that you just need a new HDD, and you will be fine.
  2. What is the OS for the "old drive" and what about the new drive, for now trying booting it with 1 ram stick. You may need to get a new drive(s).
  3. Thank you and I was running Windows 7 on my "old" hard drive but I dont have the windows 7 disks because My old computer was a pre-built HP. I do have recovery disks but when I try to use them they are not allowed to be used with my current computer. Do I have to reinstall windows 7
  4. Yeah you can reinstall with the recovery disc, usually they give you disc that say "already installed on your computer (os)" Install it on the new and old drive, if it doesn't work get a new HDD(s).
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